Packet bursting/compression on wireless links...

Stefan Jankovic jankovic
Sun Sep 19 05:12:21 PDT 2004

Hello list,

I've been testing the performance of my Prism 2.5 cards using Netperf.
I've got throughput of 5-6 Mbps with large (cca 1500) UDP packets, but only
under 1 Mbps with small ones (100).

My explanation was that it's due to approximately constant network overhead
independent of packet size.

1. Is it correct ?
2. Does hostap support or does anybody know some software, that would pack
the stream of small packets to a big one and unpack it on other side. Some
additional compression would also be nice :-)
I think, this procedure is in 108Mbits Turbo-mode known as packet bursting.


Stefan Jankovic.

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