Relicensing hostapd under dual GPL/BSD license

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Mon Sep 20 21:54:22 PDT 2004

There has been some discussion on using hostapd with *BSD. One of the
question is on the used license. I'm looking into relicensing hostapd
under dual GPL/BSD license, i.e., adding BSD to the current license in
the same way as core code in wpa_supplicant is released. I'm willing to
do this for the code I have written and I have been going through my CVS
logs to get a list of contributions that are non-trivial (i.e., more
than couple of lines). I have already sent private email to most if not
all authors of these changes. I'll do another pass through the logs in
order to verify that I did not miss any contributions.

If you have contributed code to hostapd and I have not yet asked you
about relicensing, please help me speed up the process by sending an
email to jkmaline at and let me know if you are willing to
relicense the changes under dual GPL/BSD license, i.e., add BSD in
addition to GPL that was used as the sole license before. If you do not
want your changes licensed under BSD, please also let me know.

My current plan is to go through the code file by file and mark clear
cases dual licensed. Once all files are cleared, I'll change README etc.
to use the new license.

Jouni Malinen                                            PGP id EFC895FA

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