Mandrake Cooker, kernel-2.6.8, and hostap...slow

Brian Sturgill zen_hacker
Wed Sep 15 13:12:59 PDT 2004

I have the same problem with Orinoco clients on Hostap. You can force it to 
11Meg by iwconfig wlan0 rate 11M. This will not allow the AP to go to lower 
speeds when a client needs it. This also is not a true fix because even 
though the Orinoco client and cat /proc/net/hostap/wlan0/(macaddress) show 
11Mbps, the transfer rate is still much slower than a Prism card client 
connected to the Hostap machine. My prism based Wet11's connect fine to my 
hostap box, my Orinoco AP500  and AP1000. A hostap client in managed mode 
connects fine to to the Orinoco AP's fine also. The prism cards in hostap 
mode just don't seem to like the orinoco clients. I also tried a Dell 
Truemobile 1300 USB (Broadcom chipset?) connecting to my Hostap box. It is 
even slower than the Orinoco even with a signal level of -43dB. I am just 
sticking with prism based clients until I get more time to dig into it or 
someone else figures it out.


>From: Praedor Atrebates <praedor at>
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>Subject: Mandrake Cooker, kernel-2.6.8, and hostap...slow
>Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 08:40:25 -0500
>As the subject indicates, I am running a current cooker (development) 
>of Mandrake on my laptop and have tried the 3rd Party builtin hostap_cs
>driver in kernel- (2.6.8 kernel variant).  I am finding that 
>rate on my card is locked at 2MB/s when using hostap.
>I have an Orinoco Gold (Lucent) 802.11b wifi card for my laptop when at 
>My desktop system, same distro,  to which I connect has a 802.11g card in 
>When using the default orinoco_cs module, the default transfer rate is
>5.5MB/s.  Last night, I decided to give a shot to the hostap_cs driver
>provided now with the kernel as a 3rd Party addition.  It works fine except
>that the max/default rate is 2MB/s.  I used iwconfig to try to bump up the
>rate to 5, 6, or 11MB/s but nothing changed it from 2MB/s.  Unfortunately, 
>haven't been able to determine exactly what version of hostap is included 
>the current 2.6.8 kernels but I would presume it to be rather recent(?).
>Is there a trick to getting the rate boosted upward?
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