Mandrake Cooker, kernel-2.6.8, and hostap...slow

Praedor Atrebates praedor
Wed Sep 15 07:35:08 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 15 September 2004 08:40, Praedor Atrebates wrote:
> As the subject indicates, I am running a current cooker (development)
> version of Mandrake on my laptop and have tried the 3rd Party builtin
> hostap_cs driver in kernel- (2.6.8 kernel variant).  I am
> finding that the rate on my card is locked at 2MB/s when using hostap.
> I have an Orinoco Gold (Lucent) 802.11b wifi card for my laptop when at
> home. My desktop system, same distro,  to which I connect has a 802.11g
> card in it. When using the default orinoco_cs module, the default transfer
> rate is 5.5MB/s.  Last night, I decided to give a shot to the hostap_cs
> driver provided now with the kernel as a 3rd Party addition.  It works fine
> except that the max/default rate is 2MB/s.  I used iwconfig to try to bump

OK, a google search has led me to find a number of references to this question 
and I see that it may not actually be a factual indication of the rate.

My first indication of a mere 2Mb/s rate was that displayed from Gkrellm, then 
from iwconfig.  I do not use AP mode (yet), just ad-hoc.  I would THINK that 
since I am connecting to an 802.11g device, that the transfer rate would max 
out on the 802.11b card more often than not (and this 2Mb/s report is not 
coincident with a high CPU load).  

In any case, I'll play around to try to determine the "real" transfer rate.


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