tx power related problem.

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Thu Sep 9 22:47:55 PDT 2004

> Hi All,
> I am trying to reduce the transmission power of my
> 802.11 PCI card. It is US robotics prism2 based
> chipset. This I want to do to set up a multi hop
> connection i.e try to isolate a machine from a third
> machine which can be reached through an intermediate
> machine.I am using hostAP  0.2.4 driver.
> I tried:
>  iwconfig wlan0 txpower <somevalue>
>     Error for wireless request "Set Tx Power" (8B26)

Setting txpower ist experimental in hostap driver. Look at

/* Note! This TX power controlling is experimental and should not be used in
 * production use. It just sets raw power register and does not use any kind of
 * feedback information from the measured TX power (CR58). This is now
 * commented out to make sure that it is not used by accident. TX power
 * configuration will be enabled again after proper algorithm using feedback
 * has been implemented. */

To enable it you have to define:



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