3ap in WDS-triangle?

Hiphin hiphin
Sat Oct 30 04:06:44 PDT 2004

Hi Jouni, respect for every men that contrubute and create ...

> Isn't that the expected behavior of bridging with redundant links? STP
> detects a look and marks one of the links down. If you were to bring ap1
> down, ap2 to ap3 would start using the direct link.

I'm not shoure what you are meaning, all AP are up, and runing, and I can't 
imagine way ap3 is blocking ap2, except for reason that he see ap1 himself 
and throught ap2 (he see same MAC in ap2br0, and ap3br0).

Well, maybe now that you, and  Joe, and Denis are saying "to be expected 
behavior", but it isn't right, it is wrong.
Soo I will listen Denis and forget about bridging, do some routing.

If all trafic beatwen ap2 and ap3, is going throught ap1.
and all of trafic of clients associated to ap1 is going throught (ap1 is 
router gateway).
and thay All sharing one frequency... and soo on, and on

Soo ap1 is weak point of wds-triangle-bridging, and to reduce trafic 
throught ap1 and get best performance of 3 x ap in wds, defenetly and till 
some new bridging method is done, I promise not to use any more bridging.

Reason more, is later engage of ap4, ap5, .......in wds

thanks every one
I'll come later width results


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