3ap in WDS-triangle?

Dave dave
Sat Oct 30 01:08:43 PDT 2004

So can you set up the 3 links with out bridging them, such as turning 
ap2 or ap3 into a repeater instead of a bridge?  I'm basically looking 
for a way around br0 bridging and I'm guessing this is where linking 
comes in?

>> no, my friends are using all 3 AP widthout any problem, except that 
>> all
>> trafic from ap2 to ap3 is goung throught ap1 !!!
>> ap1 to ap2    ping ~3ms
>> ap1 to ap3    ping ~3ms
>> ap2 to ap3    ping ~6ms   <--- yes thats what I'm tallking about
> Isn't that the expected behavior of bridging with redundant links? STP
> detects a look and marks one of the links down. If you were to bring 
> ap1
> down, ap2 to ap3 would start using the direct link.
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