no priv ioctls....?

Suresh Govindaraj Suresh
Thu Oct 28 19:46:40 PDT 2004


Which hostap driver are you using? If it is the hostap driver for Prism
chipset, there is one wrapper script for the ioctls provided by the Prism
hostap driver. You can find the script "prism2_param" in
'hostap-utils-x.x.x.tar.gz'. According to that script, you can use the
command "iwpriv wlan0 prism2_param <NO_for_the_actual_ioctl> value" to set
any value. For example, to disable the bridging, I used the command,

#iwpriv wlan0 prism2_prism 10 0

All the best.

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I am new to this, and have figured out quite a few problems but I am stuck on
this one.

I installed the hostap drivers, but when I try:   "iwpriv wlan0 hostapd  1"
the response I get is "wlan0  no private ioctls."

I have done quite a bit of searching around, but have not had and luck
finding the right solution.  (it would really help if I knew what I was
doing!! lol)

If anyone can shed some light on this, please do.

Thanks :)


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