Help please... Funk TTLS + Dynamic WEP keys

mushtaq mujale mushtaq_mujale
Tue Oct 26 21:24:20 PDT 2004

  Hi all,

 First i would like to thanks(with all the respect)
Jouni Malinen for his great work. Well done sir.

 I have been using the supplicant for the past 8
months and everything is working fine on all the
platforms(x86, xscale and OMAP). 
1.Can any body tell me whether the current supplicant
supports Funk TTLS + Dynamic WEP keys, if yes then how
is it configured in the supplicant and the Funk
server. If its not supported, then where can i get
information so that i can add this feature in my

2.Can anyone give me the list wireless cards/AP which
supports WPA2 in Linux.

 Please reply for my questions. Sorry for the lengthy
 -Mushtaq <mushtaq.m at> 

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