dynamic IPs from dwl-520 hostap

Shawn shawn.ccu
Mon Oct 25 08:27:12 PDT 2004

Hi all,

The problem has confused me for a long time...please help me...thank you a
lot :)

The following softwares are what I installed
I use DLink DWL-520 rev.B1 (Prism2.5 chipset), and the PCI slot version is
The other one is wired PCI network card, DLink DFE-550TX.
OS: Slackware 9.1 kernel 2.4.22

The system has successfully loaded the driver, hostap_pci, and brought the
wifi0 interface.
eth0 (DFE-550TX) has a real IP address, eee.eee.eee.eee, and it works well
in wired environment.

now, for HOSTAP purpose, I define a bridge for eth0 and wlan0 as follows,
brctl addbr br0
brctl addif br0 eth0
brctl addif br0 wlan0
ifconfig eth0
ifconfig wlan0
ifconfig br0 eee.eee.eee.eee up

The routing table is as follows.
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use
Iface     *          U     0      0        0 br0
loopback        *            U     0      0        0 lo

Then I start the dhcp service on this system.
(I am sure that dhcpd runs well, because other wired system can get the
correct dynamic ip)

Finally, I do a wireless search on my notebook.
Although it can find the correct SSID of my hostap, it can't get any dynamic
IP from the dhcp service...
Besides...it shows "......Unable to connect, need an encryption key to
However I did turn the encryption key off. (#iwpriv wlan0 host_encrypt 0)

Does anyone has some idea of this??
Is the problem from dhcp service or the routing table??
Thank you :)

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