almost have it working...

Matt Darnall mdarnall
Mon Oct 18 16:44:06 PDT 2004


I am trying to get my dlink dwl-520 rev e working with the hostap driver
solution and fedora core 2. I am following this tutorial:

and everything seems to work fine except and the end of the instructions it
becomes vague about how to get a connection.

So I am able to get all the way through the guide, I am just a little confused
on what I have to do with the iwconfig command to get and maintain a network
connection. I have experimented around a little bit like setting my ssid,
encryption key and so forth and when I run "iwconfig wlan0" I see that most of
the values are set right and that signal is like 6/70 but if I try to open the
web browser or something i don't seem to have a connection.

Any help would be apprieciated! Thanks,

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