Maintaining connection state information

Vijay Raghunathan vijay
Mon Oct 18 09:37:30 PDT 2004


I had a quick question about where the connection state information is
maintained on the client side. Specifically, when a HostAP client is
connected to an AP, what connection state information is stored in the
card itself?

I would like to use one client to time multiplex between two APs (two
totally different networks). A naive way of doing this is to simply
re-associate (i.e., reconnect) every time I switch APs, I'd like to avoid
this overhead, if possible. Is there any way I can store the connection
related state information, switch to the second AP and come back later,
and just restore that state information to continue as though the client
never left the first AP. Clearly, this should be possible if no state
information is held in the card itself and is only stored in the driver.

Any pointers regarding this would be greatly appreciated.


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