Having problems sending DHCP information over wireless bridge

Brian Sturgill zen_hacker
Tue Oct 5 17:01:56 PDT 2004

Are you just routing between interfaces on the linux box (hostap box) or are 
you using bridging of the ethernet and the wireless card? If you are not 
bridging, the dhcp requests are not reaching the dhcp server. If you are 
routing between the interfaces, you will have to forward the dhcp requests 
between the two subnets. The easiest way is to bridge the ethernet and the 
wireless interface on the hostap box. To be a true access point, the 
interfaces need to be bridged.

Hope this helps,


>From: "Jonathan Shahariw" <jms at shaharov.com>
>To: <hostap at shmoo.com>
>Subject: Having problems sending DHCP information over wireless bridge
>Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 09:58:53 -0700
>Hi I have a network where we use a linux box with hostap running dhcpd to
>allocate addresses.  Some of the wireless clients for this system are
>Linksys WET11's that are a wireless to ethernet bridge.  The WET11's don't
>have a problem associating to the wireless network.  However, the AP does
>not send the dhcp replys to the hosts on the otherside of the wet11's
>because they are not associated as they don't have wireless cards but talk
>to the network via the WET11.  All other traffic goes through fine if the 
>address is set statically.  It seems that only the DHCP traffic is blocked
>by hostap.
>Does anyone know how to turn this off.
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