TX power - growl!

mike-hostap at tiedyenetworks.com mike-hostap
Tue Mar 30 18:53:43 PST 2004


	So why is the subject of TX power such a dark mysterious secret? 
I've got some seano/engenius cards (pcmcia) and some I use in access point 
configurations, and others I use in client devices. But in either mode, 
setting the tx power using the iwpriv wlan0 prism2_param 6 x command 
doesn't seem to have any effect whatsoever on the power output of the 
card. Yes my testing is suspect because I don't have a spectrum analyzer 
at my disposal and I was only able to test by associating with a cisco AP 
and reading the 'received signal strength', but still I can't detect any 
change wether I use 1, 50, 126, 129 or 254. I also tried the wlan-ng 
drivers (for client mode) and they claim no tx powers are available.. so 
I'm just lost. 



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