Kernel Panic using ospfd and HostAP

paravoid pvjunk
Tue Mar 30 12:35:52 PST 2004

Hello list :-)

I'm writing to you because I'm having a problem using hostap driver and
quagga's ospfd: the problem has been reported again in this mailing list by
JuanJo Ciarlante at October 2003, see Subject "[BUG] reproduceable PANIC in
recent hostap driver",

The problem is (in short) a "Aieee killing interrupt handler" Kernel Panic
using GNU Zebra or Quagga (fork of Zebra) and HostAP driver after
ifdown/ifup (and /etc/init.d/networking restart).  I can confirm the problem
exists in the following setups:
a) Kernel 2.4.25, HostAP 0.1.2 (kernel-patch, compiled as module), Debian
3.0r2 (woody), with the following packages backported from testing/sarge:
wireless-tools v26, hostap-utils 0.1.2, quagga 0.96-4x
b) Kernel 2.6.4, HostAP 0.2.0 (kernel-patch, compiled as module), Debian
testing (sarge). The packages wireless-tools v26, hostap-utils 0.1.2, quagga
0.96-4x are part of the distribution.

The scenario (a) is very common in our network (Athens Wireless Metropolitan
Network, and we are experiencing the problem in each one
of the routers - no exceptions.

I don't know if this is a bug of Quagga, HostAP or the Linux Kernel, but I
figured out this is a good place to start.
I also contacted with JuanJo Ciarlante just in case he found the solution
but unfortunately he didn't...

Thanks for your time.


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