Setting the Rate under WDS

Ryan Verner xfesty
Tue Mar 23 03:33:18 PST 2004

On 23/03/2004, at 7:20 PM, Denis Vlasenko wrote:
> 400kb/s over 20km is already very good! You won't get significantly 
> better.

Hmm.  I'm getting ~550kb/sec over an 18km link (with no packet loss at 
all, are you getting any?), and that's with 30mW cards; want to see 
what it's going to be like once I replace the setup with some 200mW 
cards :-)

What sort of cards/antennae are you using?  We're using 30 something 
(32? 35?) dbi directional antennae.  Play around with the cards power 
and sensitivity, and channel allocation can also make a huge difference 
depending on other noise.

Let me know more about your setup; I'm keen as anything to hear about 
others long distance connections.  Doesn't seem like many people have 
done it; and the people I have spoken to think packet loss and 
<300kb/sec is acceptable.  Pah!



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