[Soekris] assuring link quality

Raymond Hall Haro kovalski
Mon Mar 22 14:37:57 PST 2004

Hello lists,

<irony> thank you all for your promptly replies </irony>
Finally I managed to overcome the lag/dup-ACK's/TCP problems over 802.11
solution? I disposed of wds alltogether, configured the 2 AP's as 
different networks, with different channels and essid's, routing between 
them, and voila!, it worked.
I still wonder what was wrong with wds, or is it that hostap's wds is 


Raymond Hall Haro wrote:

> Hello,
> (to the soekris list: a bit off-topic, but I've noticed many of you 
> using it as an 802.11 AP)
> After several "succeses" deploying ptp links with a combination of 
> soekris/senao linux/hostap, I set up a  wireless lan in a theme park 
> and I'm running into several problems.
> Case:
> The park uses the lan for its PoS app, a visual basic thing with an 
> odbc connection to an interbase server.
> There are mainly two problems:
> 1- db protocol timeouts leading to odbc disconnection
> 2- excesive tcp retransmissions and duplicate ack's
> No. 2 especially increases congestion, thus leading to higher latency 
> and increasing both issues.
> I'm readig a lot of stuff on TCP limitations over 802.11 and some 
> suggested alternatives (ARQ, LL, snoop, etc.)
> I wonder if there's some chance of implementing any of these in 
> hostap, and if any of you has had any similar experience and worked it 
> out somehow.
> BTW, The server id behind a soekris which does proxyarp for it to the 
> wlan, this soekris is a client to a central ap whic is also doing wds 
> to a "repeater" at the other side of the park, so the "worst" link 
> looks like this:
> WinClient <--- ether ----> Hostap client / proxyarp <---- wifi ----> 
> Hostap AP / wds <---- wifi/wds -----> Hostap AP  / wds <---- wifi 
> ----> Hostap client / proxyarp <----- ether ---> Linux Server
> TIA,
> Raymond Hall
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