assuring link quality

Raymond Hall Haro kovalski
Wed Mar 17 14:30:42 PST 2004


(to the soekris list: a bit off-topic, but I've noticed many of you 
using it as an 802.11 AP)

After several "succeses" deploying ptp links with a combination of 
soekris/senao linux/hostap, I set up a  wireless lan in a theme park and 
I'm running into several problems.
The park uses the lan for its PoS app, a visual basic thing with an odbc 
connection to an interbase server.
There are mainly two problems:
1- db protocol timeouts leading to odbc disconnection
2- excesive tcp retransmissions and duplicate ack's
No. 2 especially increases congestion, thus leading to higher latency 
and increasing both issues.
I'm readig a lot of stuff on TCP limitations over 802.11 and some 
suggested alternatives (ARQ, LL, snoop, etc.)
I wonder if there's some chance of implementing any of these in hostap, 
and if any of you has had any similar experience and worked it out somehow.
BTW, The server id behind a soekris which does proxyarp for it to the 
wlan, this soekris is a client to a central ap whic is also doing wds to 
a "repeater" at the other side of the park, so the "worst" link looks 
like this:

WinClient <--- ether ----> Hostap client / proxyarp <---- wifi ----> 
Hostap AP / wds <---- wifi/wds -----> Hostap AP  / wds <---- wifi ----> 
Hostap client / proxyarp <----- ether ---> Linux Server

Raymond Hall

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