dwl520e alternative?

James B. Hiller jhiller
Mon Mar 15 20:57:21 PST 2004

> On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, James B. Hiller wrote:
> > Please note:  recent posts to this lists (within the last month, I
> > think; sorry that I can't give a specific reference) have asserted
> > that very recent versions of the card in fact use a different chipset,
> > just as other manufacturers do.
> I think the card you are talking about is the MA-311+ (note the 'plus' sign),
> which I would consider a different card, rather than a different version.

Quite right.  Possibly it was that the poster mentioned that the +
wasn't well-denoted.  Again, apologies for my lack of precision on
the topic.


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