Senao 2511CD+EXT2 and Ricoh PCI->PCMCIA interrupt delivery problem

Marin Iakimov miakimov
Tue Mar 9 23:15:23 PST 2004

Hi !

I have two cards Senao 2511CD+EXT2 and tho CardBus bridges Ricoh PCI->PCMCIA . So i've installed the in two computers 1. Pentium 200, 2. Pentium II 266 ( Both with AMIBIOS 1992 ).  So both cards don't work. 

Host AP gives a message that there is an interrupt delivery problem. I've tried to fix it, setting in /etc/rc.d/rc.pcmcia  irq_mode=0, pci_irq_list=5,9... ( pcmcia module is i83... not yenta, irqs can't be found by Linux auto, and i can't give as a boot option pci=biosirq, systems hang at boot time ). I've tried to change the memory and port in /etc/pcmcia/config.opts - nothing.

These cards worked fine with linux-wlan package, but i need host ap. I've tried hostap - 0.0.3 and hostap - 0.1.3 , the both give same error messages. pcmcia-cs package is version 3.2.7. Kernel is 2.4.24.

I took the same card, with the same bridge and set it on Celeron 333A, with PCCHIPS motherboard, with the same hard drive, and the card started working just fine.

Is there something else i can do ? 

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