dwl520e- "valid PDA not found"

jeff pickering jpickering
Thu Mar 11 09:10:30 PST 2004

on hostap-0.2.0, linux-2.4.24, and dwl520e, when running prism2_srec -gs 
wlan0 pmxxx.hex,
I get "valid PDA not found". After adding some printk's, it seems that 
prism2_read_pda fails
because everywhere it looks it finds stuff that does not look like PDRs.

Looking through the archives, there have been at least 2 other queries 
with this same scenario.
One solved the problem by repeatedly running prism2_srec -gs until 
success. (I have not had the
same "luck"). The other query seems to have not been resolved.

Does anyone have any ideas about what I might try to shed some light on 
this? Im certainly willing
to try anything at this point. btw, the card works fine under windows. 
Possible areas where suggestions
would be helpful would include:

- is there any particular state the card must be in to read the pda?
- what pda is this anyway? the programmers manual says there is a pda
   for each "component". eg, if the pda is for primary firmware, is it 
   I am using the wrong primary firmware? ( the firmware being used is from
   a link in andrew barr's 520e web page).
- is there any other pda address I might try?
- are there any timing issues?
- is there some liveness test I can do to see if the card responds at 
all at the
   time prism2_read_pda is called? (there seems to be a lot that goes on
   correctly prior to this).

Thanks much for any insight.

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