Problems asociating clients and handle_ap_item

Alberto Rodriguez Galdo tetoror
Thu Mar 11 03:27:50 PST 2004

I've read somewhere in previous posts that this (or something like this) 
could be a STA firmware problem, i'm using Netgear MA311 cards, with STA 
firmware 1.3.6, is this possible? And, is there any link where i can find 
the latest firmware and instructions about how to write it to the card in 
Linux, maybe with hostap-utils?

At 10.51 11/3/04 +0100, you wrote:

>I have 5 hostap nodes acting as wireless bridges for our cable subnet. It 
>always worked ok until the installation of the last node, since then 
>several clients, mostly PDA's are unable neither to asociate to the access 
>points nor to get an ip, this is a part of the kern.log:
>Mar 11 10:28:06 pto_acceso_SI kernel: wlan0: 00:09:4b:13:f6:23 auth_cb - 
>STA authenticated
>Mar 11 10:28:06 pto_acceso_SI kernel: wlan0: 00:09:4b:13:f6:23 assoc_cb - 
>STA associated
>Mar 11 10:32:54 pto_acceso_SI kernel: handle_ap_item - 
>addr3(BSSID)=00:99:08:71:20:2B not own MAC
>at 10:28:06 the client gets associated, but at 10:32:54 it is 
>dissasociated and is not able to associate again. The first two MAC is the 
>one in the card of the client, it's correct, but the last one is a (seems) 
>random one, it doesn't exist in our network, neither wireless nor cable.
>What's happening here?
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>tetoror at
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