Problems asociating clients and handle_ap_item

Alberto Rodriguez Galdo tetoror
Thu Mar 11 01:51:13 PST 2004

I have 5 hostap nodes acting as wireless bridges for our cable subnet. It 
always worked ok until the installation of the last node, since then 
several clients, mostly PDA's are unable neither to asociate to the access 
points nor to get an ip, this is a part of the kern.log:

Mar 11 10:28:06 pto_acceso_SI kernel: wlan0: 00:09:4b:13:f6:23 auth_cb - 
STA authenticated
Mar 11 10:28:06 pto_acceso_SI kernel: wlan0: 00:09:4b:13:f6:23 assoc_cb - 
STA associated
Mar 11 10:32:54 pto_acceso_SI kernel: handle_ap_item - 
addr3(BSSID)=00:99:08:71:20:2B not own MAC

at 10:28:06 the client gets associated, but at 10:32:54 it is dissasociated 
and is not able to associate again. The first two MAC is the one in the 
card of the client, it's correct, but the last one is a (seems) random one, 
it doesn't exist in our network, neither wireless nor cable.

What's happening here?

Alberto Rodriguez Galdo
tetoror at

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