mailing list is swarmed by virii attachments.

Yang-Hwee TAN tanyh
Wed Mar 3 23:49:50 PST 2004

hi all hostap-ients,

from the amount of spammed mail we received every now 
and then, either some a/c has been hacked or virii have 
swarmed your email a/c(s).

also, it seems to me that jouni's email is the most abused
one. i've been receiving alot of virii attachments from 
jouni's multiple email aliases. hope jouni could do a check 
on the system(s) used to reply to this mailing list soon.

please refrain from opening the emails from the 
mailing list(s) using pretty GUIs like ms outlook.
Kindly use a text-based reader if u're not sure 
whether your pc has been virii swarmed.

hope this virii thingie could be fix soon.


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