HOSTAP and Senao

nondito nondito
Wed Mar 3 11:02:56 PST 2004

I need to purchase 200 mW cards to build an Access
Point using hostap.

I have looked everywhere but could not get a single
brand having 200 mW PCI based prism 2.5 cards.

I have placed orders for Engenius (Senao) 200mW PCMCIA
Card (2511-CD-PLUS-EXT2) and that is a PCMCIA card.
So, I need a PCMCIA to PCI converter and  I have
ordered for Reliawave? PCMCIA to PCI Bridge Card
(demarctec). Are these products compatible with

Please post some good options about 200 mW hardware
(prism cards along with compatible PCMCIA to PCI
converters) best for to make HOSTAP acces spoints. We
will be making quite a few of those access points.

Thanks everyone in advance for such a nice crowd. 

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