two hostap cards

Joshua Szmajda josh
Wed Mar 3 06:43:47 PST 2004

Hey all,

I've got a machine setup with a 2.6.3 kernel and the latest stable
hostap. It has two yenta socket pcmcia-pci adapters, and two Zcomax
XI-325H 200mW cards.

I've been having difficulty getting the two cards to work together. The
setup I'd like to have is one or two essid's on one or two channels
(preferably one and one, I'm having the cards point in opposite
directions via directional antennas and shielding). I can associate with
a card (in master mode) when there's only one card inserted, but when I
have two, I can't associate.

Any pointers?

-Joshua Szmajda

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