Troubles on long link... (Jouni Malinen) Big Thank's

oleg at oleg
Wed Mar 3 02:22:41 PST 2004

Hello hostap-request,

>> I have infrastructure wireless link ~30km long it work under freebsd at both end
>> today i change AP from freebsd to linux and found it doesn't work :-((
>Maybe FreeBSD driver did not require that the management frames are
>ACKed(?) If you want to test that, you could comment out following
>block in both hostap_ap_tx_cb_auth() and hostap_ap_tx_cb_assoc():
>    if (!ok) {
>        txt = "frame was not ACKed";
>        goto done;
>    }
>Increasing ACK timeout would be better solution, but I don't know
>whether it can be done without modifying the station firmware code.
>Jouni Malinen

I test this patch, and all work ok - after this patch
freebsd infrastructure client connect to linux hostap and all work
fine - big thank's...

Best regards,
 oleg                            mailto:oleg at

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