PCMCIA + recent Intel motherboards (Re: FYI: Debian & DWL-650P)

Pavel Roskin proski
Tue Jun 29 08:48:24 PDT 2004

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, Ryan Verner wrote:

>> This may be a motherboard problem.  In my case, similar problems were 
>> fixed by enabling PCI quirks for the motherboard.
> Hmm - this is rather OT but I'm having trouble getting some Seano cards 
> w/hostap working under a Ricoh cradle in a Debian system at the moment; 
> it's a PCMCIA problem as I'm getting "unable to apply power" under 2.6 
> kernels, and "unable to map card memory" under 2.4 with any card I put 
> in it (32-bit or 16-bit).

If you have this problem with any card then it's indeed offtopic here. 
You probably should continue debugging of the PCMCIA problems based on the 
feedback you received in the PCMCIA list.

> The motherboard is the latest Intel Pentium 4 desktop board.  If I take the 
> hard drive, PCMCIA cradle and Seano card and stick it into an Intel Pentium 3 
> motherboard, everything works flawlessly.
> Odd. :-(

That's actually the expected behavior if the motherboard is to blame. 
You may want to dump the port and memory areas used by the PCMCIA bridge 
when the bridge is removed.  It may turn out they are used by the 
motherboard.  Enable PNPBIOS and use lspnp utility from pcmcia-cs to find 
motherboard resources.

> I've asked around on the PCMCIA lists, unfortunately without much luck; the 
> thread is at:
> <http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/linux-pcmcia/2004-June/000949.html>

Well, your problem requires some work on your side in addition to asking. 
Sorry for that, but not every question has a ready answer.

> Anybody here have any clues how I'd get it working (perhaps have crashed into 
> the same issue)?  You mention 'motherboard quirks', where would one find 
> this?

drivers/pci/quirks.c in Linux sources.  See pci_fixups[] array.  If you 
are lucky, there may be an existing fixup for similar boards, so you'll 
simply need to add your board.

I'm only answering to the hostap list because it was asked here.  Further 
discussion should probably go to the pcmcia list or LKML.

Pavel Roskin

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