wpa_supplicant and rekeying, dynamic WEP

Zdenek Pizl zdenek.pizl
Mon Jun 21 04:53:23 PDT 2004


 I've notice that wpa_supplicant 0.2.2 does not do rekeying in EAP/TLS
mode. My AP (Orinoco AP600) has set rekeying interval to 900 seconds,
but there is no change in  key according to iwconfig wlan0. 

What did I miss in the configuration?

- my hw/sw conf
hostap driver 0.2.2
prism 2.5 chipset with 1.7.4 STA firmware
wpa_supplicant 0.2.2

Regards, z.p.

Zdenek Pizl
Systinet Corporation
Vinohradska 190
130 00 Praha 3

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