Prism2 firmware test mode in hostap

Rupinder Gill r0.gill
Wed Jun 9 00:27:07 PDT 2004


 I am new to hostap. I am trying to put my prism2 card
into firmware test mode to try the "Suppress Tx
Exception" function. In wlan-ng i was able to achieve
this using the following:

# Put card in Suppress Tx Exception mode (Hex A38 =
2616 decimal)

/sbin/wlanctl-ng wlan0 p2req_low_level command=2616
param0=0 param1=0 param2=0

# Stop Testing Now (Hex F38 = 3896 Decimal)

/sbin/wlanctl-ng wlan0 p2req_low_level command=3896
param0=0 param1=0 param2=0

I tried achieving the same in hostap using:

# Put card in Suppress Tx Exception mode 

iwpriv wlan0 writemif  2616 0 

# Stop Testing

iwpriv wlan0 writemif  3896 0

But it didn't work. iwpriv just returns. 

Am i missing something here ? How can i do this in
hostap ? Help please.

Rupinder Gill

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