Gunter Burchardt gbur
Tue Jun 8 23:05:02 PDT 2004

Hello Jouni

My first mail seems to be to huge for this mailing list. I packed the
patch and resend it now.

Next patch is ready. It compiles/starts up/authenticates a client via
1x/deauthenticates it and shutdown. Im not able to test WPA. I had to
change some calls in wpa.c for the new void *priv pointer. driver.c is
nearly clean from hapd. hapd is only needed by debug-messages. We
should add some defines for debugging in driver specific stuff without
hapd in it!

 - function pointer for driver specific sta dump
   (hostapd_dump_sta_state), moved this function to driver.c
 - new void *data in struct driver_info vor driver specific stuff
 - modified functions to use void *priv instead of *hapd,
   modified all calls to these functions:
   hostapd_set_sta_authorized(), hostapd_set_iface_flags(),
   hostapd_ioctl(), hostapd_set_encryption(), hostapd_get_seqnum(),
   hostap_ioctl_prism2param(), hostap_ioctl_setiwessid(),
   hostapd_flush(), hostapd_read_sta_driver_data(), remove_sta(),
   hostapd_set_generic_elem(), hostapd_wireless_event_init(),
 - modified functions to use struct hostap_driver_data instead of
 - hostapd_wireless_event_receive() get hostap_driver_data *drv in
   eloop_ctx, modified registration in eloop
 - modified init/deinit process, hostap driver specific stuff moved to
   hostapd_driver_init() and hostapd_driver_deinit()

Ok this patch has 1017 lines. I hope this is ok.

Next step is to move hapd->sock to hapd->driver.data->sock. Therefor i
move ieee802_1x_send_data() to a new file send.c . I will also add a
function to send 802.11 management frames to send.c . driver_info get 
2 new function pointer for these functions.

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