Senao cards on PC104:Bridge Detected

gaurav dawra openapproject
Tue Jun 8 19:57:46 PDT 2004


well this will be a very different question for the list. I am trying to 
install hostap driver on PC104/ISA architecure. Good news is that the bridge 
from ISA to PCMCIA is detected by compiling the CONFIG_PCMCIA support in the 
linux. I also downloaded the hostap-0.2.1 version and complied the hostap 
drivers: hostap.o ,hostap_cs.o and hostap_crypt_wep.o.

when i do "lsmod" it show me the i82365.o module and the pcmcia_core module. 
When i start the cardmgr by command "/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart. It just 
reboots itself. DOES NOTHING ELSE. But interestingly i have configured this 
SENAO card on destop PC architecture(PCI architecture). It does not give me 
any error in "/var/log/messages" on PC104. Also if i do insmod by myself , 
by loading insmod i82365.o and insmod ds.o and also insmod of hostap.o and 
hostap_cs.o, it does install but does not give me any WIRELESS INTERFACE.

BUT if i try to do the same procedure on linksys card, it works, only it 
gives me this error. Which says that this "firmware " version is not 
supported under HostAP mode.

if i do dmesg , card is detected. If i do more /proc/intterupts, there is an 
entry for "hostap_cs", only in case of linksys. BUT in both senao and 
linksys case command "cardctl ident" gives the firmware.

If you have any idea what the system is getting "rebooted" when ever it 
tries to load "ds.o" module ONLy in case of senao (NL2511CD+EXt2, prism 2.5, 
i think).

Any Hints?? will be appreciated. It will be question for developers, as i 
guess not many people have tried hostap on PC104.

If you need more information. I will provide that.



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