hostap driver make error

Jerry mrcool
Tue Jun 8 17:45:20 PDT 2004

> [root]# cd /usr/src/
> [root]# ln -s linux-2.4.22-1.2188.npt1 linux-2.4   <--- should already
> [root]# ln -s linux-2.4 linux
> Then edit the hostap/Makefile and set KERNEL_PATH=/usr/src/linux.
> Next you need to copy the "_correct_" .config for your running kernel:
> [root]# cd /usr/src/linux
> [root]# cp /boot/config-`uname -r` ./.config
> attention to the _back tics_ around uname -r.
you could just cd /usr/src/linux
and then make cloneconfig
make dep
 then make your hostap...  (make modules should not be necessary, as RedShat
<should> have made, and installed them as part of the install...)

Good luck...



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