eap-tls, hostapd with XP client and linux client

Ulf Jakobsson fluffe
Fri Jun 4 07:52:14 PDT 2004

Ulf Jakobsson wrote:
> Jouni Malinen wrote:
>> Did you configure the client to expect keys ("WEP keys are delivered
>> automatically" or something like that), but did not configure hostapd
>> for this? It looks like hostapd was not sending keys, so I would assume
>> you did not include similar configuration for hostapd. You will need to
>> including following lines (or with length 5 if you want to use 40-bit
>> WEP keys) in hostapd.conf for hostapd to send the keying material.
>> wep_key_len_unicast=13
>> wep_key_len_broadcast=13


> I tested to select the option "WEP keys are delivered automatically" and 
> then the xp client behaved and did not disconnect.
> So, it seems that the WIFI driver in the xp client is forcing me to use 
> this option...

Well, I probably concluded wrong things from hostapd/README.  When I 
added the wep_key_len_unicast = 13 everything worked just fine.

Thanks again Jouni.


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