eap-tls, hostapd with XP client and linux client

Ulf Jakobsson fluffe
Fri Jun 4 07:38:48 PDT 2004

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 09:13:44AM +0200, Ulf Jakobsson wrote:
>>I found this in the EAPLOG, could it be something?:
>>"EAPOL-Key for transmit key *NOT* received within 5 seconds in
>>EAPOL Failure: Fail Count = 3"
> Did you configure the client to expect keys ("WEP keys are delivered
> automatically" or something like that), but did not configure hostapd
> for this? It looks like hostapd was not sending keys, so I would assume
> you did not include similar configuration for hostapd. You will need to
> including following lines (or with length 5 if you want to use 40-bit
> WEP keys) in hostapd.conf for hostapd to send the keying material.
> wep_key_len_unicast=13
> wep_key_len_broadcast=13

The strange this is that I have not configured it to "WEP keys are 
delivered automatically".

My xp client has the following WIFI properties:
Network authentication: Open
Data encryption: WEP
key: some_key
Key index: 1
Enable 802.1x auth.
Authenticate as computer when computer info is available.
Use simple certificate selection.
Validate server certificate.

hostapd.conf looks like this:

Maybe I have to specify more options than just the above ?

I tested to select the option "WEP keys are delivered automatically" and 
then the xp client behaved and did not disconnect.
So, it seems that the WIFI driver in the xp client is forcing me to use 
this option...

Regards Ulf

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