New HostAP webpages

Bradley Chapman kakadu_croc
Thu Jan 29 00:59:23 PST 2004

Mr. Malinen,

--- Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at> wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 12:32:10PM -0800, Bradley Chapman wrote:
> > Just as an intellectual exercise, I've converted the HostAP website pages
> > from HTML 2.0 to HTML 4.01 Strict, and validated them using the W3C validator.
> > Since I don't have access to any FTP uploaders right now, the new pages are
> > MIME-attached to this e-mail as a gzipped tarball.
> Thanks, I merged some of the changes to make the pages use valid HTML
> 4.01 markup. However, please note that unified diff of the minimal
> changes with separate patches for different changes is prefered format
> of contributing to this project. This goes for all files, including web
> pages.

OK, I will remember that - it wasn't mentioned anywhere prominent so I decided
not to try it.

> In addition, I will not accept re-indentation changes or anything that
> makes it more difficult for me to edit the files with a text editor
> without a very good explanation of why such changes are needed; neither
> will I accept changes that break or remove editing related tags used for
> things like automatic updating of the last changed timestamp.

I'll be sure to remember that as well.

Thanks for merging my new pages.



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