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mike-hostap at mike-hostap
Wed Jan 21 00:40:22 PST 2004


	I've asked this several times and gotten no response but I want to 
bring it up again because it's becomming a serious issue. I have one tower 
running hostap (actually I have 4, but  this one in particular shows a 
problem that the others don't) gives me these strange messages along the 
lines of:

handle_ap_item - addr1(DA)=ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff not own MAC

Whis is sometimes repeated many times in a short period, and other times 
it's just a single message.

	This problem is increasing in frequency and sometimes the mac 
address is different. 

	In conjunction with this, there is an occasional 
problem which I think is related where hostap will disassociate all 
clients and not allow any new reassociations, for no obvious  reason or 
cause. When this happens, the AP is still running and I can ssh in and 
have a look around, and the second AP in the box is still going (the 
second pcmcia card still has clients and is still working), there just 
areen't any clients associated any more on the first AP. I have to reboot 
the box at that point and then everything is fine again. This happened on 
an AP with 33 clients and all the syslogging I do doesn't reveal anything 
obvious, no flood of kernel messages, no nothing... just all of a sudden, where there 
were 33 clients there are zero. 

Any suggestions?



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