Dlink DWL-520 Rev E1

Frederik Dannemare admin
Sun Jan 18 16:33:55 PST 2004

Frederik Dannemare wrote:
> Jake Snyder wrote:
> [ snip ]
>> I think i understand how to load the firmware in the card by using:
>> ./prism2_srec -gs wlan0 pm010102.hex
>> ./prism2_srec -gip wlan0 pm010102.hex
>> ./prism2_srec -rp wlan0 rf010704.hex
>> but where do i get the firmware i'm supposed to load. I've read 
>> something about downloading it from the card, but i have no idea what 
>> this entails.

[ snip ]
Whoops. Can see (according to Andrew Barr's reply) that what I suggested for 
firmware upgrading your card won't work (ie upgrading with 'sf010704.hex' into 
non-volatile mem). I better stop giving advice on this subject, until I know 
more about it :)

Frederik Dannemare

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