Dlink DWL-520 Rev E1

Andrew Barr barr.156
Sun Jan 18 15:56:03 PST 2004

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> Subject: Dlink DWL-520 Rev E1
> I've been told that linux n00bs and wifi are a bad mix, but 
> i'm attempting this anyway.

I'll say this, Wireless Zero Config definitely isn't an option :)

> I purchased a DWL-520E and I've 
> been following the threads on the DWL-520 E and the DWL-650 
> and i'm completely lost (well, not completely lost, but 
> usually a little lost is not much different than completely lost).

It can be done. I've done it and at least one other person I know of has as

> I'm starting this from scratch, as i have no experience in 
> the world of linux wifi.
> As per the instructions, i downloaded the CVS snapshot under 
> development branch and went to edit the "*pos++ = 0x03" and 
> change it to "*pos++ = 0x07" but i cannot find this statement 
> in the prism2_srec.h anywhere. I've done searches for 0x03, 
> pos++ and 0x07 and i get nothing. I also checked the tars and 
> didn't find it either.

This is now autodetected, if I understand things correctly. You do not need
to modify this.

> I figure while i'm waiting to find out where i'm supposed to 
> modify this document i'll move on. So i went on to step 2. If 
> i understand correctly ( and it's more than possible that i 
> don't) that i just uncomment the line that give "#define 
> prism2_non_volitile_download"

You need to uncomment PRISM2_DOWNLOAD_SUPPORT. I haven't been into this for
a few weeks now, and it appears the latest CVS has this uncommented by

PRISM2_NON_VOLATILE_DOWNLOAD is for cards that have flash memory to hold the
firmware. The DWL-520 rev. E1 does not, rather the firmware is downloaded
into RAM on system startup (in Windows).

> Now, i tried building the hostap driver before finding this 
> thread (the tarballs), do i do anything different when 
> building this modified driver from cvs?
> Andrew mentions loading the pci module with the no_primary 
> set to 1, i read in the 650P thread to run "modprobe 
> hostap_cs no_primary=1" I know that the hostap_cs is for the 
> pc cards and that hostap_pci is for the pci cards, which do i use?

Use hostap_pci. 
> I think i understand how to load the firmware in the card by using:
> ./prism2_srec -gs wlan0 pm010102.hex
> ./prism2_srec -gip wlan0 pm010102.hex
> ./prism2_srec -rp wlan0 rf010704.hex

That looks right.

> but where do i get the firmware i'm supposed to load. I've 
> read something about downloading it from the card, but i have 
> no idea what this entails.

I would do a google search. I think there are legal/copyright issues
surrounding the firmware, e.g. you have to own a card to download it from
the Internet. I'm not sure of the specifics. I have firmware files that
worked for me, if you like I will send you them.

The card has no permanent firmware on it, you can't download from there. You
are probably reading about either another card or an earlier revision of
this one.

> I appreciate all the help i've gotten from this thread 
> already, and any additional help would be greatly 
> appreciated. I'm watching this list quite closely, as i find 
> this a lot easier than all the stuff i tried under wlan-ng.
> Jake Snyder
> (mr-mac at qwest.net)

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