wpa_supplicant question

Henrik Brix Andersen brix
Thu Jan 15 05:03:56 PST 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 14:43, Roy Badami wrote:
> My concern is what will happen if someone sets up an unencrypted
> access point using the same channel and ESSID -- is there any danger
> of my NIC associating with it, or does wpa_supplicant somehow prevent
> that from happenning?
> Certainly if wpa_supplicant fails to start for any reason, it will
> just associate with the unencrypted AP.

I don't know about wpa_supplicant - but I use 'iwconfig ap <mac>' to
make sure I associate with the correct AP - of course, the MAC could be
spoofed as well.

Henrik Brix Andersen <brix at gimp.org>

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