wpa_supplicant question

Roy Badami roy
Wed Jan 14 05:43:24 PST 2004

I know it's not released yet; feel free to tell me to stop asking
questions and just wait for it to be finished... :-)

Assuming I set things up in the pcmcia scripts as suggested in the
README, things will happen in the following order.

1. freq, mode and essid will be set, with the interface still down
2. wpa_supplicant will be started
3. dhclient will be started, which will bring the interface up

My concern is what will happen if someone sets up an unencrypted
access point using the same channel and ESSID -- is there any danger
of my NIC associating with it, or does wpa_supplicant somehow prevent
that from happenning?

Certainly if wpa_supplicant fails to start for any reason, it will
just associate with the unencrypted AP.

I notice 'add WPA support to Linux Wireless Extensions' in the todo
list.  What would be nice is an iwconfig command (I guess iwpriv for
the moment) to put the card into WPA-only mode (assuming such a mode
exists) so that there is no danger of accidentally associating with a
non-WPA AP, even if wpa_supplicant fails to start...


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