[CVS] Association problem after AP restart (WITHOUT HOSTAPD)

Michael Guntsche mike
Thu Jan 8 04:26:23 PST 2004


A while ago I wrote about a problem I had with CVS and the computer I
use as hostAP master.


I tried todays CVS and the problem is still there.

Short description (see the mail archive link for more info):

If I restart the Master machine, restarting only the client works, my
client does not reconnect to the AP and I get a whole bunch of

	wifi0: LinkStatus=6 (Association failed)
	wifi0: LinkStatus: BSSID=44:44:44:44:44:44

in the clients syslog.
If I then restart the client it starts working again.
This doesn't happen if hostapd is running on the master machine.

If someone needs more information just tell me.

Thanks in advance,

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