problem with downing wlan's

Vaclav Dvorak vdvo
Wed Jan 7 15:18:40 PST 2004

Jiri Fojtasek <jiri.fojtasek at> wrote:

> Vaclav Dvorak wrote:
>>> I wanted to try rmmod-ing hostap_pci to see whether it helps, and it 
>>> doesn't seem to work. I did "ifconfig wlan0 down; ifconfig wlan1 down; 
>>> rmmod hostap_pci", and it hung the machine. So the next time the 
>>> machine booted, I tried the commands one by one. The ifconfig's 
>>> succeeded, but the rmmod never finished, although this time it didn't 
>>> hang. Instead, the log said: "kernel: unregister_netdevice: waiting 
>>> for wlan1 to become free. Usage count = 2", and the message repeated 
>>> approximately once every 10 seconds.
>>> Hostap is 0.1.2.
> I have this problem in one box where i using bridge with ebtables patch 
> and imq device. I have found that this is imq device related problem. It 
> sometimes forgot to use dev_put() after dev_hold(). What is your setup ?

I am not using the IMQ device, nor the bridge, much less ebtables. The 
kernel is not patched with anything.

Vaclav Dvorak  <vdvo at>

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