pcmcia-cs support in CVS?

Roy Badami roy
Mon Jan 5 03:27:16 PST 2004

 > I replaced CardServices() calls with matching pcmcia_*() functions just
 > a week or so ago. Apparently, the external pcmcia-cs modules do not
 > provide the new functions. You might be able to "fix" this be reverting
 > changes in rev 1.47 of driver/modules/hostap_cs.c in the CVS.

Thanks, I'll give this a try.

 > so I'm kind of prepared to "officially" drop support for the
 > external pcmcia-cs modules in the development branch of Host AP
 > driver (stable branch and 0.1.x versions would still work with
 > external modules). Are there good reasons not to do this?

Well, obviously I'd like support to stay, since I can't get the kernel
stuff to work with my hardware :-/

I'm probably in a rather small minority, though, and you won't be the
only one to do this (eg AFAIK the prism54 driver is only supported
with kernel PCMCIA)


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