Mac Level Handoffs

Craig Thornton thorntcw
Sat Jan 3 11:47:19 PST 2004


In your setup your FTP session will be persistent if both of your AP's 
are configured as bridges.

It is ok for the hostap interface (wlan0) to be in Master mode as they 
will be acting as AP's and sending out beacons.  In fact I would 
recommend that you stick to Master mode in this setup.  The difference 
in channels will not matter either.  It may however increase your 
handoff latency slightly but FTP is not delay sensitive so you should 
be ok.  Typical handoff delays are 250 to 750 ms.

In order to configure a your AP as a bridge simply use kernel bridging 
and put both wlan0 and eth0 into your newly created bridge group.

All 802.11 handoffs are MAC layer handoffs.  Anything above L2 will be 
independent of hostap.

I hope that this helps you out.



Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2004 21:49:39 +0530 (IST)
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Subject: Mac Level Handoffs
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Hello All,

I got one more query for HOTSPOT.

I am setting up a HOTSPOT, but im understanding how things work at this


channel 1

channel 6

Both hostap are operating in AP mode.

If I with a LAPTOP with an FTP session ON from hostap1 towards hostap2
then will this session get disconnected ? or it will be on even on 
area? Will the connection be persistent?

As requirement i'll seperate both AP's with 5 channels apart.

Will the above setup work ? if not why ? I think essentially im asking
whether above setup leads to MAC LEVEL HANDOFF's?

Should the hostap2 be in repeater/BRIDGE mode ?

Kindly showme the way.
Anand S.Katti

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