David Goodenough david.goodenough
Sun Feb 29 05:01:57 PST 2004

I am trying to use Quagga and mii-tool in a mixed ethernet and wireless

Mii-tool does no appear to be supported by hostap, and I was wondering
why.  Obviously the mode makes a difference, so saying that a node in 
master mode is connected makes little sense, but for a managed or
ad-hoc mode node the link speed and the presence or absence of an 
active connection would be useful.

Quagga seems to say that it needs IFF_RUNNING supported by an
interface, and I guess is doing the same thing looking to see if there
is an active connection.  Looking in the source code I could not see
any occurences of this flag, but I suppose it might have a different
form which I missed.

Has anyone used hostap and Quagga's link detection facility?

Thanks in advance


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