Pavel Roskin proski
Wed Feb 18 13:28:40 PST 2004

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, Andrea G. Forte wrote:

> I did not include other messages than the one with unsupported ioctl
> because that is the only error message I get. All the rest seems to work
> fine.
> I tried to add entries in /etc/pcmcia/config but once this was done, the
> card was recognized as ethernet not as wireless lan. This would make the
> Zaurus freeze when starting the tcp/ip service (the only service allowed
> since the card was recognized as ethernet).

We are going deeply in offtopic here, so I'll be short.  I'm not an expert
in Zaurus.  I think you are making too many assumptions.  I have no idea
why it's OK that Zaurus freezes when starting the tcp/ip service.  HostAP
registers an interface that acts just like an ethernet interface (plus
wireless extensions).

> I tried to rename the hostap.conf in zhostap.conf as you said but nothing
> would happen. Can the class of the device be changed from "network" to
> "wlan-ng"? Doing so the card gets recognized as wireless and not as
> ethernet, but it gives me the unsupported ioctl I told you about before.

I think you can do it and adjust /etc/pcmcia/wlan-ng but I'm sure it's not
the right solution.  Wireless settings for HostAP should go to
/etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts.  Leave all *wlan-ng* alone or remove it.

I'm sorry, I cannot give you any more help.  Please don't copy your
questions to me.  You may find some useful information here:

Pavel Roskin

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