Pavel Roskin proski
Tue Feb 17 14:44:58 PST 2004

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Sangho Shin wrote:

> When we install hostap, hostap_cs.conf is copied and it is referenced
> when we put the card.
> But, in Zaurus, wlan-ng.conf is referenced as default. How can we change
> to make Zaurus reference hostap_cs.conf instead of wlan-ng.conf?

Remove wlan-ng.conf or rename hostap_cs.conf to something that begins with
"x", "y" or "z" and still ends with ".conf".  cardmgr reads configuration
files in alphabetic order and later entries have priority.

When I need to choose between drivers, I create file
/etc/pcmcia/zlocal.conf and put the entries for the cards I have into that

Pavel Roskin

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