Deauthentication / reauth timeouts

mike-hostap at mike-hostap
Wed Feb 4 08:42:34 PST 2004

Howdy -

	I've gotten more of a chance to play with radius authentication 
and I've observed that different devices seem to play differently when it 
comes to association attempts if the AP rejects it. For example, a linksys 
wet11 and a hostap in client mode will continually retry the association, 
while a smartBridge airbridge indoor will try only a few times and then 
stop asking for a while. I know this is more of a client question but I 
wanted your opinion on which behavior is 'right'. To me it seems that 
clients should take the hint and shut up for a while or at least should 
slow down to some reasonable frequency (once every 10 seconds?). What do 
you all think?


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