Automatically selecting channel

Vijay Raghunathan vijay
Sun Feb 1 07:59:17 PST 2004

Check the HostAP README file. It has a description about this right at the
bottom of the file. Here is just a snippet from there.

You can set it using iwpriv wlan# host_roaming value
	0 = use station firmware for roaming decision (default)
	1 = use host driver roaming decision (automatic scan)
	2 = manual scan and roaming

In host_roaming 2, association requests are only sent out when triggered
by the user (look at the README file to see how to do this). So, as far as
I know, the automatic re-association with another AP will not take place.

Hope this helps.


On Sun, 1 Feb 2004, Roy Badami wrote:
> Thanks.  How does one set/query the roaming mode, I can't find any
> mention of it in the iwconfig man page.  And is there a roaming mode
> "1"?
> Does this mean that the card will re-associate with another AP in an
> ESS when the signal quality gets too low?  I'd always assumed none of
> this stuff was implemented in Linux yet, since I'd not seen it
> documented anywhere (and since everyone seems to have a preoccupation
> with explicitly setting channels).
> 	-roy

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